About us

If you’re here, on this page, you might be wondering what p01nt is all about. Well, that’s the funny thing: p01nt can be whatever you want.

Our dream is to let people connect on a global scale over personal stories that actually matter to them.

What social media feeds lacks – a sense of realness and intimacy – we hope to offer. We think we need passion and honesty, in order to come closer together. That’s why p01nt is what you are passionate about.

Think of it as a big newsroom with editors and ‘journalists’ from all over the world. In this case, you guys don’t have to qualify as journalists to tell your story. All we need is your unique point of view.

And it’s not just writing, it can be much more. From games to art to romantic poems, anything we can possibly publish. We want it.

So, try and think about this question:
What is it really that you want to say?

Code of Ethics

While we’re all for differing opinions, even we have our limits. We reserve the right not to publish anything that we consider has the potential to harm anyone else. We’ll be using our good pal J. S. Mill’s Harm Principle as a guide.


General inquiries or to pitch an idea: info@p01ntmagazine.com.
Our founders are currently based in Amsterdam. You can contact them directly by emailing nina@p01ntmagazine.com or boris@p01ntmagazine.com.

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About p01nt magazine