Starting p01nt / Nina

Founder Nina Klaff (London) gives us her take on how p01nt came about.

I was brought up around the dinner table. It was there that I learnt everything I knew, where I found out that Schopenhauer was definitely not a racing driver, and that puns were the highest form of wit. We would sit while words fell out between mouthfuls, like crumbs of the (sometimes metaphoric) bread we were breaking, our cups overflowing with ideas.

As I grew older, the tables may have changed along with the people sat around them, but the principle was always the same. From kitchen to pub, from classroom to lecture hall and back again, every conversation was – and still is – an education.

As anyone who knows me will testify, I’ve always been extremely vocal. However, it wasn’t until I wrote a cider-fuelled cynical rant, prompted by an infuriating text from an ex, that I’d ever actually put my pen to paper for all to read – indeed, some did. I approached the editor of my university paper, sent them my piece, and it was easy as that: I wrote, it was published, people read. Disappointingly, there were no paparazzi waiting outside my door, no sponsorship contracts on my desk, but conversations were started.

I was hooked. Soon after, I was elected as one of six soul sister editors (you know who you are) of our university magazine. Our audience was pretty niche: our fellow students mainly, with a sprinkle of supportive friends and a few lovingly devoted parents. I discovered the joys of giving others a platform for their voices. I loved how we found them: we would put calls out on Facebook welcoming submissions from anyone at the university, whatever they were studying.

When I moved to Amsterdam to pursue another direction, I was no longer a student at the university, so I no longer qualified as a contributor. Lost without my platform, I stopped publishing. That didn’t mean I didn’t have anything to say. I yearned for a place to put my work, and knew there must be others out there feeling the same, so I decided to create one.

That’s when I met Boris. I mocked him for his incessant bragging – he used to work at Vice, don’t you know? – but we bonded over what we shared: a belief in the power of words, an interest in media old and new, and an ineffable assuredness in the endlessness of our own capabilities. He would talk at length about how much he loved fine-tuning other people’s writing to help them get their point across and, most of all, how much he missed writing for himself.

We came up with an idea. We would start a magazine where anyone from anywhere could contribute their work, which we would then edit and publish. We had a few sporadic meetings in the following months. Boris designed our logo; I drafted our manifesto. I corrected his grammar; he corrected my personality.

The project then lay dormant for almost a year while our other hobby – studying at university – took precedence, but I realised that no matter what we were doing, all roads lead to p01nt. Whether I was being shown which dandelion leaves to pick to make the best salad by my beloved Slovenian godfather, being explained the Zwarte Piet phenomenon by my new Dutch friends, or being handed concrete visualisations of media bias by my professor, everyone I spoke to had something interesting to say. I just wished I had somewhere to put it all.

Time had only consolidated the idea for both of us and we finally decided to put our thoughts into action. Two weeks and many voice notes later, we had bought the domain name, created a Facebook page, and approached potential contributors. Lo and behold, the platform was created.

With that, I’d like to welcome you to p01nt: a fulcrum for ideas, an online platform where individual insight and social commentary can find their place. Born in Amsterdam to a local and a Londoner, consider this our starting point: where it goes next is up to you.

Nina Klaff, London


There are two sides to every story. p01nt’s is no different. To find out how this all happened according to our other founder, Boris, click here.

And, as always, you can make a start on your own p01nt by filling out this form 

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