On Love…

[PS: We compiled a playlist of our favourite love songs as a special Valentine’s Day gift to you. For the full experience, listen while you read what love means to 50 people of all ages from all different cities. Who knows, it might even be the perfect soundtrack for your romantic dinner tonight, whether solo or with a date. Listen while you read. You’re welcome. x]

Love is…

…a feeling, Wasutin. Nan, Thailand, 22

…too strong. Toscane, Reims, 19

…attention and oxytocin. Jack, London, 67

…putting someone else before yourself. Katelyn, Princeton, 20

..the little things. Eman, Karachi, 22

…what you say to your mum and dad when you hug them and also yucky kissing on TV but I don’t want to talk about that. Arthur, London, 4

…when your partner is also your best friend and there’s no one else you’d rather be with. Isaac, San Francisco, 24

…self-emptying. Michael, Harare, 33

being able to hold on to your true self and at the same time share that self with another person. Thijs, Amsterdam, 23

…home. Faye, London, 21

…an external force that possesses us for whatever reason. Heba, Melbourne, 35

…not seeing yourself as the protagonist in your life, but rather your relationship. Daan, Amsterdam, 22

…energy in touch. Mela, Palermo, 55

…the whole point of life. Jayne, St Helens, 37

…the most confusing and at the same time most satisfying thing to ever exist. Gerold, Amsterdam, 22

…a how are you. Nina, Utrecht, 19

…an undercurrent of profound respect, understanding and unwavering support in a relationship between two people. Tatjana, St Petersburg, 22

…too many different meanings for me to put in one simple sentence. Katya, Paris, 69

…loving your mom, and all my friends loving me. Mila, Johannesburg, 6

…being with your attractive best friend. Irene, Bergen op Zoom, 20

…putting someone else’s needs before your own. Kyrah, London, 15

…a partnership. Hannah, Falmouth, 20

…having casual sex with a beautiful woman that you find completely uninteresting, get attached nevertheless, find out she’s a borderliner, keep going on with it, get conditioned by her, get broken-up with, cry for three months, go on Tinder to forcefully try to process your feelings by hooking up with other women, which is a clusterfuck. Jamiro, Mannheim, 23

…unforgettable. Eva, Brighton, 17

…a friend saying, ‘I’ve got wine, wanna come over?’ Jarkko, Glasgow, 23

…like the weather. Sophia, Berlin, 22

…additive: it’s becoming more than the totality of yourself and discovering you were whole all along. Dafne, Athens, 37

…something still unexplored. Carolina, Milan, 20

…the way my dog acts like it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to him when I come home from school. Anna, London, 10

…what you never know you had until you lost it. Francine, Liverpool, 68

the necessity and beauty of ‘together’. Manon, Zaandam, 53.

wanting to have sex 6 times a day. Volkan, Utrecht, 27.

…something I don’t know about. Sofia, London, 17

the means by which we expand outward and integrate our own consciousness as well as others. Claire, Squamish, 21

…probably finding a boyfriend who doesn’t act like any of the boys in my school. Nina, London, 6

most charming meaning one can attach to the meaningless. Anza, Rawalpindi, 20

to love unconditionally, to give space to the other, to trust, to not be jealous and to complement each other. Leny, Zaanstad, 78.

…no thanks. Mercy, Vienna, 19

…the most comfortable home. Nicole, Johannesburg, 40

…is dismantling, renders us open and vulnerable yet it is absolutely intoxicatingly profound and sublime if we are lucky enough to find it and keep it still. Helen, Sevenoaks.

… an intense mental attraction. Simone, Nicosia, 22

…like being warmly tucked in bed with thousands of pillows and a duvet stuffed with feathers on a cold summer’s night. Egle, Kaunas, 21

…putting someone else’s happiness before your own. Ella, London, 17

time stopping as you nuzzle your nose in the crannies of someone’s neck OR giving someone the bigger piece of chocolate OR sharing a tummy laugh that hurts for hours after OR knowing without sharing a word. Manar, Auckland, 34.

…when she stays at home while you’re celebrating in a club toilet. Philip, Vienna, 20

to get soft in your legs but still try to stand up straight, to hear your breathing going quicker but still trying to act cool. Anonymous.

…cuddles. Jessie, Oxford, 21

…an evolved response to those of a similar species that drives behaviour. Karim, London, 37

…a never-ending feeling of wanting more. Isaure, Paris, 23

…nothing for me hahah. Lian, Amsterdam, 13

.…extending away from the self to the point that the self melts away altogether. Anna, London, 65

…pure altruism. Bas, Utrecht, 23

… a tie that unites you with another person. Mya, Rabbat, 20

…accepting without judgement, giving without expecting anything in return. Sacha, Paris, 36

… caring a lot about someone even when you hate them. Vansh, Dubai, 22

…a river. Marc, Reims, 19

…love means loving you, loving you dad and Mila. DylanJohannesburg, 5

…a good hard dicking and a nice cuddle afterwards. Jess, Croydon, 22

… a bubble in which no one needs to have control. Margot, Nancy, 19

…staying together right through the football season. Anne, London, 55

…someone saying, “I’m putting the kettle on, do you want a cup of tea?” Elle, London, 23

…everything and nothing all at once. Tekla, Tbilisi, 20



Collection of answers & p01nt for love playlist by Nina Klaff (London) and Boris Bischoff (Amsterdam).

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