Bas (Utrecht) on Being Stood Up

Bas van Bemmelen (a.k.a. Batobe) from Utrecht turned his rejection into music.

After a girl cancelled a planned second date, I decided to turn the negative into something positive and use the few hours I would have been on a date with her into making a piece of music.

Feeling a bit sad, as you do after being stood up, I only recorded a 4-second sample of me saying “so lonely” and had some fun with it. I decided to only use that sample to create the whole track. And by that I mean the WHOLE track. Every bass, drum, synthesizer or other sounds you hear is made by cutting, pitching and manipulating that 4-second sample.

For example, the hi-hat sound you hear is the beginning of the word “so,” but filtered and cut up. The kick drum you hear is the pitched down clicking of my tongue. What you’re hearing is a dance track comprised of me just exhaling and saying “so lonely” in one way or another. Isn’t that lovely?

Bas van Bemmelen, Utrecht


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