On Mothers…

Inspired by British Mother’s Day, we had over fifty people from all around the world tell us one thing they learned from their mothers. We also made a very special Mother’s Day playlist, listen while you read. 

My mother taught me…

…that there was nothing to fear. Hellen, São Paulo, 47

…to seek beauty. Kruuk, Tallinn, 23

…to appreciate what I have. Eugenia, Accra, 40

…to not let other people stand between me and my goals. Raymon, Westzaan, 19

…to love myself and that I have to pursue that what I really want in my life. Maroza, Koog aan de Zaan, 17

…honesty. Lots of honesty. And to not be lazy. And to be precise. To pray. To trust God. To trust God a lot. Gerlinde, Hasborn, 80

…that even though the world is not at our benefit, with education I can still make it mine. Mercy, Vienna, 19

…to follow my dreams. Jamil, Vienna, 19

…to give thanks, to say hello, to be grateful for what you have and to help others: basic principles such as respect because without that, there is nothing. Oscar, Coacalco, 46

…to eliminate bad vibes from my life. Amina, Vienna, 9

…that I’m loved. Egle, Kaunas, 20

…to reflect on my feelings and be open about them. Boris, 24, Zaanstad

…what makes a good person which includes how I treat people. Max, Sydney, 19

…to be kind. Nada, Vienna, 18

…how to care, in all senses of the word: to care, and to take care, of myself and of others, knowing who you care for and what you care about, when to be careful and when to be carefree. Loïs, Amsterdam, 21

…that you don’t need a lot to succeed in life, that I am stronger than the norm wants me to be. Merci, Vienna & Amsterdam, 20

…that strength comes from being kind and allowing yourself to experience the full spectrum of human emotion, only then are you truly powerful. Lena, London, 20

…diligence and punctuality. Bernhard, Thalexweiler, 85

…to make an honest living. Francis, Accra, 19

…to believe in myself and never give up on the things I’m passionate about – and she’s still supporting me in my decisions. Kata, Dunaföldvár, 26

…live with love and love will live with you. Ella, Cebu City, 17

…to pee sitting instead of standing but she failed. Chris, Cologne, 21

…that sometimes it is ok to be impractical and I should always keep her updated with my life otherwise she feels left out and sad. Liisa, Tallinn, 19

…to talk about my emotions. Jesse, Zaandam, 24

…how to be strong and that life goes on no matter what happens. Anette, Tallinn, 21

…not to take candies from strangers. Rose, Tamil Nadu, 20

…to love literature and detective novels, especially Agatha Christie. Becky, Cambridge, 48

…how to have fun but be feisty. Andrew, Dublin, 22

…to how to bake delicious German cakes. Bärbel, Thalexweiler, 49

…to be patient (because she is not.) Simone, Nicosia, 20

…to encourage and satisfy that most sacred thing: a child’s curiosity. Jack, London, 67

…to think positive and always try to make the best of every situation: it will work out. Rosie, Salisbury, 34

…that there was nothing to fear. Hellen, São Paulo, 47

…to be adventurous and to find joy in exploration and experiencing new things. Anna, Amsterdam, 23

…to always pack a spare pair of underwear when going on a long-haul flight in case they lose your luggage. Jess, Sydney, 22

…resilience: that there is no situation that can bring you down, whatever happens keep going – she taught me this through her own actions. Abigail, Manchester, 47

…how to sew, a killer cake recipe, the importance of hard work, to be kind and thoughtful and also like…. how to sit on a toilet – pretty crucial and I have nailed most of them. Joy, London, 23

…statistics. Chase, Austin, 21

…to think positive and always try to make the best of every situation: ‘it will work out…’ Rosie, Salisbury, 34

…that you pay for the highs with the lows. Hester, London, 21

…the different shapes and forms strength can take, and thriftiness. Edith, London, 23

…to stand for justice. Wasutin, Nan, 22

…French. Karim, London, 37

…that nobody likes a squealer. John, Riverside, 66

…how to make lasagna and the German language. Sophia, Berlin, 22

…how to pluck my snail trail. Jess, London, 22

…to always be positive. Femke, Singapore, 21

…to make sandwiches and not buy them. Nathan, Lewes, 21

…two good things: to drink wine and play piano. Maya, London, 22

…to drink lukewarm water because it’s the healthiest for your body. Marlene, Hannover, 20

…to draw horses. Lily, Brighton, 20

…to have attitude. Clémentine, Paris, 19

…how to tie my shoes and ‘which witch is which?’ and how to bridge in an awkward interview or conversation, and unwittingly on her part, that it’s better to admit that you don’t know something than to bluff your way through and make a tit of yourself. Kitty, London, 23

…the value of being able to be alone with yourself and that strength can be uncompromising but quiet and unrelenting but kind. Oh, also, how to fold socks. Erinç, Ankara, 34

 …that if you think of life as a game, the only way to win is by gently loving unconditionally the people around you; flaws and the such included. Eleni, Lemesos, 20

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