Daisy (Bergen) on Sexual Education

Daisy Wakefield (Bergen) writes about using her art to break taboos.

I have always gravitated towards making feminist artwork, discussing taboo topics such as menstruation, in order to question the viewer’s discomfort. Over a year ago I encountered one major conversation that isn’t happening enough in society: the discussion of STI’s.

By the age of 25, 7/10 people will have caught 1 of 2 types of herpes. 63% of new chlamydia diagnoses are made in those aged under 25. In summary, they’re pretty fucking common, so why is no one talking about how human this is?

When I finally brought up my own experiences a huge wave of people opened up about their own STI’s and the fears that they had been hiding because society has made us believe it’s something we should suffer in silence.

Through my artwork and honesty I hope to encourage and normalize the discussion of STI’s.

Daisy Wakefield (Bergen)


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