Henry (Tokyo) on Rei Harakami

Henry Buckley (a.k.a. Young Buckley) from Tokyo made a mixtape in honor of the late Rei Harakami, a Japanese electronic music composer.

I made this mix as a personal tribute to Rei Harakami, an electronic music composer from Kyoto, Japan. I first encountered Harakami’s music on Youtube and was immediately drawn to his unique soundscapes.

Although his music was detailed and complex, the sounds were still accessible to me, they felt welcoming and made me want to explore more of his works. This also led me to explore the world of electronic music in general. He produced seven albums throughout his career, each of which I believe is well worth a listen. He passed away in 2011.

Harakami furthered my interest in music and made me more appreciative of the diversity of sounds there are. With this mix, I would like to thank him for his music and all of the impacts it has had on me.

Henry Buckley (Tokyo)


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