Eleni (Lemesos) on Nostalgia

Eleni Uhoissatsana from Cyprus comes to terms with her nostalgia by making collages composed of her memories.

I was told I should publish more of my art but I never did, thinking that my scribbles are not worth the attention. Then I realized I had something to say, about myself at least. What follows is an unconscious study on “memories”.

I tend to reflect upon my deeds after I have committed them. Lately, the conscious ones have been leading me astray yet the unconscious ones tend to flourish in all sorts of different forms. One such medium is digital collage-making.

Using photoshop, I combine memories and mediums in order to reflect upon my past experiences in my aim to be able to explain my future actions. I shall then contemplate upon this mirroring and I shall keep on mirroring reflections contemplation after contemplation.

Dealing with themes like memories, nostalgia and more formally space and composition, I create collages to comfort this immense feeling of despair I dive into when nothing seems okay. I revisit old photos – both digital and analog – and select and discard the memories; I combine the different places, faces, and phases of my life in one unified picture.

What is useful compositionally is also useful symbolically and vice versa. Everything matters and nothing does. Yet here I am, in a time of despair, comforting myself in writing, contemplation after contemplation. And within this labyrinth of layered thoughts, I know for a fact that I made something which is worth the perpetual contemplation in times of overflowing nostalgia and overwhelming anguish.

As a student, I am in a somewhat constant state of anxiety and my eagerness to create presupposes all of the aforementioned thoughts. First comes the innate drive for creation, what follows is a somewhat unconscious selection and decision-making (the hardest of processes), embedded in that is creation itself and then comes the observation of what has been created.

I believe in the power of letting go but I also believe in the power of attachment. This is how I deal with the duality of a unified whole, that is: myself.

Eleni Uhoissatsana (Lemesos)


One thought on “Eleni (Lemesos) on Nostalgia

  1. Dear Eleni,
    You should know that you are very talented in writing and photography ( at least from my point of view). Your ‘aforementioned thoughts’ are so nicely expressed and especially the editing of your photographs is so impressive. I so glad you that you have published this. You have to continue creating such beautiful artworks and expressing yourself through them.

    Liked by 1 person

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