Tentative Enthusiasm

Andrew Ramsay (Dublin) writes about his blooming enthusiasm for writing poetry

When I was initially approached by Boris about contributing to P01nt Magazine, the concept of the magazine itself resonated strongly with me. The notion of a platform that encourages people to express themselves within whatever creative parameters they deem appropriate is a message that should be spread far and wide. This goal is being realized by means of the rhetoric of this magazine and I am delighted to be part of the movement. Whatever creative medium people chose to pursue is not of importance, what is paramount is that they do it.

There are many out there who take enjoyment in creating things but perhaps don’t feel comfortable in sharing the fruit of their efforts because they don’t feel like it is worth it, that it is of any value. I would include myself in the category of ‘tentative enthusiasts’. My discovery of a ‘tentative’ passion for poetry is a perfect example of such a pursuit.

There was no distinct eureka moment when I realized that the purpose of my life would be to create poetry and share it with the world. A turning point, however, was when I was on the plane back to Dublin from the first of my two semesters as an exchange student in Amsterdam. This journey, denoted by bittersweet nostalgia, sent me into a spin of melancholic retrospection. It wasn’t the end for me. I was just coming home for a couple of weeks over Christmas before returning in January. However, I was leaving behind some incredible memories with people I now consider friends for life. I was astounded and very moved by the power of the connections I had harboured with others in such a short amount of time. The people I had met just a few months previously meant a great deal to me up to that point, so you can imagine the nature of the emotions I was feeling after saying goodbye indefinitely to some of them.

On that plane journey home, I decided to write a poem. Where this notion came from I’m not so sure but it just felt right for some reason. I had never written any form of poetry up, but faced by what felt to be a significant point in my life (sounds melodramatic I know but it was real!), I wanted to mark it in some way and to have something to be able to share with my friends that represented the meaning of the friendships I had created and the memories we had crafted. The poem itself was not that special, but what it symbolized in immortalizing a chapter of my life felt significant to me.

Depending on how you use it, poetry is like taking a picture, only you control all of its components and composition, and do so using words.

Art in writing.

Since then, I’ve been writing poetry when I am feeling emotionally fuelled. Whether that be whilst visiting a place I have never been before, or after a fight with my girlfriend, the situations vary and each represent different aspects of my character. I’ve found a way to express myself, a creative internal dialogue. This pleasant symbiosis was liberating and conducive in both experiencing my emotions in their rawest form and taking pleasure from doing something ‘artistic’.

So far, I’ve only shared my poems with a select group of people. This pertains to the greater purpose of this article and more importantly to the overall mentality of p0int magazine in general, at least as I understand it, in encouraging an inclusive creative community. Why not just give it a try hey. I have written a poem to include with this piece and it will be the first I have publicly shared. There was no specific inspiration or reason to write about what I did except for the fact that I enjoy doing it.

To any ‘tentative enthusiasts’ out there like myself why not join the party, you never know what might happen.

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