The Art of Science

Tammam Azzam (Arnhem, Netherlands) is inspired by biology.

I am a self-taught artist based in Arnhem, the Netherlands. I also plan to study Neuroscience in the future. My work is always inspired by biological or psychological concepts because that is what drives my creativity.

Art and science are always merged. Art for me is about looking at life from abstract and surreal angles that recalibrate how I perceive reality. There are always alternatives, parallel images of the real, that we miss out on if we do not penetrate the surface. I always aim to penetrate the surface of entities in my art to reveal more of their truth.

This is one of the most recent series I’ve been working on. It will be printed as a poetry-art booklet, entitled “Spirals”.


Spiral Series

The body is a rhythmical fluid inhabited by spirals. Spirals create and organize the rhythms of the cells.

The inside loops to the outside and the outside loops to the inside.

Spiral series 1spiral series 2through the pelvisSparkle


Sexual Selection


Flow Systems

The branching rivers carved on their skin…

They are the flow and they are the drought.

Ahoy2image2 (1)


Toilet paper chameleon sculptures

The tree leaves are used as a skin. With time they change their color as the leaves are changing color from green to yellow, ending with red when the leaves are completely dried.

image1 (1)

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