P01nt Magazine is an internationally oriented online magazine that aims to bring together people from all kinds of cultures and upbringings through the sharing of personal stories and art.

We want to welcome people from all around the world. Think of P01nt as some kind of ‘open source’ magazine: as long as you think you have a point, theme or specific idea that relates to you on a personal level, we encourage you to share it with us. P01nt is there to lower the barriers to expressing each other’s creativity, and opening up to each other, all on a global scale.

P01nt Magazine was founded on the belief in individual insight and the power of sharing ideas: a platform for social commentary as well as a place for introspection, reflection, and self-interrogation. We want to give voice to personal perspectives to challenge the way we each see the world and scrutinize what our so-called ‘global culture’ really means.